What is marketing?

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Marketing is all about identifying your target market and providing for your target market.

Your target market are the people who want your therapies or products or services that you provide, they are people that you can reach easily and who can afford your prices. It is important to discover the needs / wants of your target market and then to develop and action a plan to create a relevant and unique service or product. You need to find and keep loyal customers who actively engage in your business and what it has to offer them. It is important for you to create a positive relationship with your target market.

Marketing Material

First and foremost on your list of things to do is to get your marketing material sorted. Without this you cannot advertise your services. Your marketing material must create the right impression.

Business cards

This should contain all your contact details.

Incl., Business name, your name, phone numbers, email address, website.

Do not go anywhere without them!

Price List

This is an opportunity to tell the world about you.

It should contain information about you and your business, therapy information and prices, contact details, opening times.

Make sure your grammar and spelling is accurate.

Your price lists will reflect you and your business.

Leaflet / Flyer

This can provide brief information about your business and would be ideal to put on notice boards and to out through letter boxes!

Try and keep your marketing material matching including all advertising, and even your website. This helps clients and potential customers to remember you and your business.

If you have a computer, you can design your own material. Templates can be obtained from Microsoft Word website.

Alternatively, you can order marketing material from Vistaprint online. They are always promoting special offers, so it’s worth checking them out for professionally printed literature.

Other options

Car Door magnets / windscreen stickers

Local Notice Boards

Now you have your marketing material, you need to know what to do with it.

One way is to place your business cards / leaflets onto local notice boards.

Some ideas where you might find these notice boards:

  • Local newsagents
  • Supermarkets
  • Libraries
  • Local cafes incl., internet cafes
  • Local shops (Health Food stores, Crystal / Candle shops)
  • Hairdressers

This is a cheap and simple way to promote yourself. Some places may charge you a nominal fee for placing your card in their window or on their notice board.

!! Remember, to check back there often to make sure your advert is still displayed as some rotate the adverts placed on their boards, so you will need to renew it periodically!!

Think of the places that your potential clients might visit, or in places that are close to you if you are looking for local clients.

We offer the following to help progress your business:

* The Business Plan workbook

* Business Practice online course

I hope you enjoyed the post :-)

Karen Ashton