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Since the launch of my first book "The Essential Oils Guide", i have received some lovely positive feedback, which has spurred me on to writing my next book. The Advanced Essential Oils Guide". The first book covered the oils that would be covered in a level 3 course, and my new book covers the essential oils covered in a level 4 course. These oils are for more advanced prescriptive / clinical uses. I am also excited to announce that to complement my new book, i have just received accreditation on an 'Advanced Aromatherapy" course. This course will run alongside my new book, covering the therapeutic uses of 26 advanced essential oils.

Advanced Aromatherapy Accredited Course

The Advanced Aromatherapy course will provide a progression route with advanced technical skills for qualified aromatherapists. This qualification will enable you to further develop your knowledge of additional oils and their therapeutic uses and the theories and practices for advanced applications of prescriptive aromatherapy. This qualification is designed to give you the essential knowledge to assist you to provide advanced therapeutic skills within a clinical setting. You will learn the therapeutic benefits of using over 20 advanced essential oils and 10 carrier oils. You will build upon previous knowledge and experience and expand your knowledge in the use and practical application of advanced prescriptive aromatherapy. You will be introduced to new essential oils and base oils and expand your skills beyond a reliance on familiar blends.

You will investigate the blending of oils to include the therapeutic properties, contra-indications and have the opportunity to explore the use of prescriptive blends using the holistic and molecular approach. You will be able to utilise this knowledge and understanding to tailor your aromatherapy treatments to your individual client needs, to promote health and well-being and create balance.

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The Advanced Essential Oils Guide

My new book will cover 26 essential oils, and their therapeutic properties and benefits. It will also contain my own personal recommendations and lots of useful charts and tips. To keep posted on when the book will be launched, you can join our newsletter or follow / like us on Facebook.

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