My New Book

So, finally my book is finished, after a couple of years in the making!

The contents of this book were originally created for my level 3 aromatherapy students and the essential oil guide for my own reference as well.

This led me to wanting to share this information with others, far and wide.

I would like to thank my husband, ‘the hubster’, Jason for his patience in my putting together of this book and talking me into publishing it, on many occasions! It is funny how the universe works, as without having a six-week recovery period from a total hip replacement, I probably would still be only halfway through writing this book now. And thinking of a hundred and one reasons not to publish!

This essential oil guide has been compiled, primarily for my students completing their VTCT level 3 Aromatherapy qualification, to help them with their selection of essential oils for their case studies, but also for many people to benefit from, whether for their own use or for clients.

Aromatherapy has been a passion of mine for decades, but I finally achieved my career change in 2003 to become, initially an aromatherapist & to set up an online shop selling essential oils and aromatherapy products. Followed on by further therapies to become a holistic therapist. I qualified as a further education teacher in 2007 and Holistic Therapies Training was launched. Aromatherapy is one of my favourite therapies to teach to my students and what I love the most about this therapy is there is no end to what you can learn about using essential oils.

I hope this handbook will prove useful to you whether for home use, clients or students.

This handbook includes the essential oils covered in the VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Aromatherapy.

About the book

An A - Z of essential oils packed full of essential oils for ailments, tips and useful information. Suitable for home use or for therapists who are qualified or in training. The book covers 36 oils and covers the criteria required to complete VTCT level 3 Aromatherapy qualification. The book covers therapeutic properties of the oils for the emotions and physical ailments of the body. It is full of tips, useful charts, glossary, the classification of notes for each oil, blending ratio chart, chemical constituents, various ways to use the oils, what to look for when purchasing essential oils, safety guidelines and more.

Karen Ashton (formerly Kilminster) Beauty & Complementary Therapist. Founder of Holistic Therapies Training, a private training school. Author. Course Writer. Lover of Aromatherapy.[/caption]

I'm a fully qualified beauty and holistic therapist, assessor, verifier and teacher, and have many therapies 'under my belt’ and i'm very passionate about my work. I've run my own therapy business since 2003 and professional training school since 2007. Writing has always been a passion of mine and wrote all the training manuals for my beauty & massage school, Holistic Therapies Training. I've also written E-books and this is my first, hopefully of many, published books.