Thursday 10th October 2019

Today is world mental health day.

Statistics - Approximately 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem each year. We,as humans, can hide this so well, and it is easier said than done to reach out and ask for help rather than bottling it up.

How many people wake in the night and have anxious thoughts or panic attacks even? It's at times like these when you feel you are on your own, even with a house full of people, and your partner is lying asleep beside you. How many people suffer from Stress?

Stress can be defined as “Great worry caused by a difficult situation or something that causes this condition.”

Stress is such a common condition to experience, and today i am launching the first in my series of E-Classes based on building awareness of mental health - Stress Awareness.

As part of doing my bit for those around me, i will be offering this E-Class, free of charge for today only.

Stress awareness E-Class -

I am also offering the following accredited courses, at half price:

~ Stress Management Online Course - Normal Price £50, today's price £25

~ Stress Management Accredited Course - Normal Price £175, today's price £87.50

Course offer for Bideford, Devon ONLY Thursday 21st November

For any of the above, use coupon code: WMHD2019 (50% offer ends today at 11.55PM)