Anxiety Awareness

Anxiety is an emotion where you feel uneasy with worry or fear, the symptoms can range from mild to severe.

Everyone will have feelings of anxiety at some point in their life i.e., waiting for medical results, waiting to sit an exam, an interview, for example. These feelings are perfectly normal, and can help us to avoid dangerous situations, however, some people may struggle to control their worries and fears and these feelings of anxiety can affect their daily life.

Symptoms of anxiety can range from panic attacks, phobias, PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and social anxiety disorders. Regular thoughts of anxiety can develop into a mental health disorder and the person enters into a vicious cycle of every situation becoming a potential crisis and the person feels incapable of conducting their normal daily tasks.

In my field of work, i have come across many people who suffers from anxiety, either as a event or situation that has arisen, or an ongoing concern. Many of our tutors, are coaches or mentors and often work with our students to support and build their confidence. Many of our tutors will also work on a one to one basis to give individual attention to students who need that extra bit of support.

Last week i wrote about Anxiety awareness, the second in my E-Class series of mental health awareness, here is a link to our E-Class -

I hope the content helps, even if just a little :-)

"Small steps can lead to big changes"

" Small steps every day"

Karen Ashton