How do i protect myself from negative vibes?

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I have frequently been asked by students 'How do i protect myself?' More and more people are feeling drained and the effects of absorbing other peoples negative vibes.

It is as simple as walking into a room and someone in there is in a bad mood, it puts a negative taint on how you feel, you instantly feel like walking back out of the room again.

Being in close proximity to your client can cause you to pick up on their energy as you are working within their aura / personal space.It is important to protect yourself on an energy level as carrying out treatments can cause you to feel drained.Grounding also prepares yourself to concentrate and focus on giving a good treatment to your client. Here are some tips to help protect yourself and keep you feeling well:

  • Keep yourself grounded by carrying out the treatment without shoes and feet planted firmly on the ground.
  • Visualise yourself in a protective bubble whilst carrying out the treatment.
  • Shake off your hands after treatment to ‘shake off’ your client’s energies.
  • Wash your hands in running cool water after treatment will also wash away your client’s energies.
  • Visualise tree roots growing out from the bottom of your feet and into the ground.
  • Crystals, such as hematite, tiger’s eye, obsidian, tourmaline, can be kept nearby or worn by the therapist to keep them grounded and protected.
  • At the end of the day, soak in a bath with added dead sea salts or pink Himalayan salts to cleanse yourself and your aura. If you prefer to shower instead of bathe, then mix some salts with a carrier oil and rub it all over your body as a scrub and then shower it off.
  • ‘Smudge’ yourself and your room with a sage stick to cleanse your aura and your space by passing through the smoke.
  • Sage and lavender essential oils provide good cleansing and grounding properties, you could add some drops to your bath (always dilute in carrier oil first, or full fat milk so the oil disperses) or burn the oils in a diffuser or oil burner.

I hope this helps, there are so many ways you can protect yourself, so please feel free to share your own ways :-)

Best wishes

Karen Ashton