Guest Blog from Emma Hammond – November 2019

The Throat Chakra Vishudda


I say, I say, I say…did you hear the one about the girl with a sore throat?

Karen has kindly offered me the opportunity to write an article for her blog this month! I’m honoured, thank you Karen.

I’ve decided to talk about the throat chakra. The throat chakra is number five of the seven major chakras and is situated at …ahem…the throat. (That’s zero points to me for anatomy knowledge.)

It resonates to the colour pale-blue and governs communication and self-expression. In fact it carries through the neck and upper shoulders too.

Now, I can talk the hind legs off a donkey…as friends will confirm. The issue sometimes is actually reining myself in. I used to use other people’s reactions to me as my gauge. Of course I still do sometimes, nothing is concrete and each day brings different things to deal with. And some days I’m stronger than others. Ultimately we have to gauge it for ourselves.

How many of these have you heard?

“You’re too much!”

“You’re being too sensitive”

“Ugh – stop being so extra!”

“You need to come out of your shell”

“What are you going on about?”

“You’ve seemed quiet tonight”

There’s just no pleasing some people! The truth is we can embody all of the above, sometimes in a single day! But how much does the opinion of others matter?

And, should we rein ourselves in? Actually I’m coming to the conclusion, as I feel my way through my 40’s, far less than we might think. The trick is to put ourselves out there honestly, fearlessly, but gently. In doing so, we cannot help but bring our throat chakra into health, balance and alignment.

“I already do this! I don’t give a rats what others think of me, I’m just gonna be me and tell it like it is!”

Erm…perhaps not. See, the problem with this is that it actually screams ‘I lack confidence and I’m wearing this mask I’ve created out of defensiveness and angst’. Yes…I do that too sometimes, and that’s ok because I’m human.

Nobody said it was going to be easy.

What does healthy communication look and sound like?

·It does not lie

·It is true to itself

·It speaks the truth kindly

·It is thought through

·It comes from the heart (which is the next chakra along, these two really need to work hand in hand)

·It is gentle

·It isn’t shouty

·It defends itself without being defensive

·It says no sometimes (“No.” is a complete sentence by the way)

·It apologises when it knows it has hurt

·If it needs to complain it does so in a reasoned way, with an end goal in mind

·Occasionally it is silent. Communication is just as much about what is not said as what is

·Sometimes it links in with its good pal, the root chakra (seat of safety and security) and lets the root chakra take over and lead their person away entirely. (Always sad, but sometimes necessary.)

When the throat chakra is out of alignment with its neighbours, or when it is depleted or enlarged, physical symptoms often manifest such as a sore throat. Ok, yes, to be fair, sometimes a sore throat is caused by a pesky seasonal virus and that is that. However the mind-body connection can be very literal at times.

Next time you have a sore throat, have a think: Is there something I need to say that I am putting off? If there something that I said, that I need to atone for?

I once had a job where I barely ever felt heard or understood. It didn’t seem to matter how many times I explained what I was doing and why to colleagues, they questioned and doubted me constantly. (I don’t suppose for one minute this is a unique experience.) Lo and behold I got multiple cases of laryngitis whilst in the job. It was almost funny because I had all but given up trying to be heard, and by then I physically couldn’t make myself heard anyway. This is an extreme example of course. And yes, I left that job in the end. The laryngitis cleared up too. I think it was trying to tell me something…

One lovely way to gently bring your throat chakra back in to alignment is to have a Reiki healing session. I have talked about the Vishudda in isolation for the purposes of this article, but in reality it is part of a whole system – the Chakra system. Even better – a Reiki session with crystals too – wonderful! Using Blue Lace Agate alongside other supportive stones, the healing energy can be augmented by the crystals own energetic vibrations, bringing you back to a healed wholeness, not to mention a glorious state of total relaxation!

You could also obtain a piece of Blue Lace Agate for yourself. It is a relatively inexpensive stone, and you do not need a large piece. (The piece I like to use is around an inch square.) You can hold it in your hand and meditate, or carry out a relaxing breathing exercise. Or, you can lie down and meditate with the crystal on your throat if that is comfortable for you.

Blue Lace Agate polished stone.

As we move super-speedily into the Christmas season of goodwill to all, the throat chakra is a good one to nurture. Next time you find yourself biting your lip when you know you need to speak up, don’t be afraid to have a rethink, and perhaps you’ll have one less sore throat this winter.