It's business as usual

Hi everyone,

We just wanted you all to know that it's business as usual for us here at Holistic Therapies Training Academy Ltd, until further instructions.

However, if you are feeling unwell, don't put anyone at risk, and please let us know as soon as possible.

Our HQ centre will be kept clean and we will be ensuring that surfaces, door handles etc are cleaned regularly, as well as our centre being deep cleaned.

Our normal terms and conditions still apply, and we don't want our business affected as much as your own business too, but if you are unsure about anything, please do not hesitate to ask.

In the event of a lockdown, all training will be suspended until this period has ended, and your training dates will be rescheduled at no additional charge. We will provide continual support through emails, skype and telephone as required during this time.

Please also note that all of our tutors run their own businesses too, so they may have their own special measures during this time.

In these uncertain times, everyone is going to be rightly concerned about the effects this may have on their businesses.

My advice is:

* Keep going and don't panic

* Be positive and productive to support your psychological and physical well-being

* Prioritise, reorganise and restructure your business

* If you get client cancellations, use the time to get those admin jobs done that you have been putting off or have not had time for

* Make some goals and plans for your business.

* Write your business plan that you have never got round to doing

* Focus on the coursework you still have to finish

* Update your CPD with online learning or business progression tools

* Look at what you can add to your business to progress it in the future, maybe a new treatment, or collaborating with other therapists to strengthen your team

* Keep up to date with the latest news on the government website, link provided below, rather than speculative news

* Keep yourself well, eat healthy, drink water, fresh air, exercise, get enough sleep to boost your immune system

* Keep up your hygiene standards as a therapist, deep clean your work space and wash your hands regularly

What are we going to do here to help our students?

* We will continue business as usual until further notice

* We will continue supporting our students

* We will ensure our training centre is kept clean

* We will provide skype'd / phone call / email support and tuition to our students where possible

* We will keep up to date with the latest recommendations from the Government / World Health Organisations

Here is a link to the Government page with the latest info -

We will update this post as required, so you can check in here to see any updates -

Thank you all for reading :-)

Karen Ashton

Holistic Therapies Training Academy Ltd