Module 1 - Introduction


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Medical Disclaimer

It is strongly advised that you take medical advice if you or any of your clients have a health problem. Holistic Therapies Training or any qualification from Holistic Therapies Training will not qualify you to advise on any medical condition or to diagnose a condition. Alternative health care should not be taken as a substitute for any medical care.

Training Criteria

The course content is written, where possible, in line with VRQ / international standards regardless of the level of qualification. You may receive a number of modules to make up the criteria required to gain the correct amount of knowledge in this subject.


It is the student’s sole responsibility to ensure they receive the correct training, sufficient for their needs and for insurance purposes. It is strongly recommended that the student progresses with further reading in addition to the training material provided and receive further practical training where applicable.  

Welcome to the life coaching online course.

This course will teach you to create an on-going partnership between your clients & yourself to produce positive results & changes in their lives. You will work with them to overcome obstacles and setbacks which have prevented them from reaching their full potential and achieving their goals in the past. You will learn how to encourage the clients willingness to work through their issues to improve their self-confidence and work towards a happier, more productive life.

Further Research - Websites

The association of Coaching    

The Life Coach Directory         

International coaching federation

All about becoming a life coach

Wikepedia – Coaching             

Suggested Reading

The Essential Guide to Holistic & Complementary Therapy 

Helen Becckman & Suzanne Le Quesne        

ISBN-13: 978-1844800261

You can heal your life                                                            

Louise Hay

ISBN-13: 978-0937611012

Your body speaks your mind                                                             

Debbie Shapiro

ISBN-13: 978-0749927837

Amazon – Life Coaching Books – (I always suggest that students read the reviews of the books before choosing one to purchase.)

Throughout some of the modules, you will come across this image, where it will ask you to complete a task.

This is a good practice task to get your business working in an optimal professional way! You do not need to send it to us, but are there to give you some tips and ways to improve on your working practices.