Module 1 - Introduction


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Training Criteria

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It is the student’s sole responsibility to ensure they receive the correct training, sufficient for their needs and for insurance purposes. It is strongly recommended that the student progresses with further reading in addition to the training material provided and receive further practical training where applicable.  

Welcome to the Pregnancy Massage accredited course.

As part of this course, you are required to attend a one day practical training session.

During this training you will learn how to safely and correctly carry out a pregnancy massage to enhance health, development and well-being of the expectant mum. Pregnancy massage benefits both mother and unborn baby. It can help with back pain, fatigue and other pregnancy related common ailments, such as morning sickness, constipation, headaches, indigestion, and heartburn. Pregnancy is a period of time, more than any other, to consider health and happiness a priority. It is becoming common that pregnant ladies now want to take an active role in their pregnancy and their health during this special time. After the birth, massage can help with the muscles to regain their natural tautness and can also help to prevent stretch marks.

This course is accredited with:

  • The Complementary Medical Association
  • Associated Beauty Therapists
  • International Institute for Complementary Therapists

On completion of the course and submission of your case studies, you will be awarded an accredited Holistic Therapies Training Diploma.

Throughout some of the modules, you will come across this image, where it will ask you to complete a task.

This is a good practice task to get your business working in an optimal professional way! You do not need to send it to us, but are there to give you some tips and ways to improve on your working practices and to prepare you for completing your case studies.

Recommended Reading

It is not essential to purchase a text book, but if you wish to further your knowledge and skills, here are a few suggestions:

Massage during pregnancy                            Bette L Waters

ISBN: 0-9665584-4-8

Pregnancy & Childbirth: A Holistic approach to massage & bodywork

                                                                                   Suzanne Yates

ISBN-13: 978-0702030550

Prenatal Massage: A textbook of pregnancy, labour & postpartum bodywork                                            Elain Stillerman

ISBN-13: 978-0323042536