Accessing your courses on our online course platform

Here are the details of how to log in to access your courses, once purchased, on our online portal.

Click on this link -

There is a log in button at the top right hand menu

To log in:

Your login = Your email address

Password = the password you entered when signing up, or you can click on the 'forgot pasword?' link and reset your password / set up a new one by following the instructions.

You can work through the modules at your own pace.​

But, you must progress through the modules by clicking on the 'complete and continue' or 'arrow' at the top right of each screen.

(N.B. You wont be able to progress through the modules from the left hand menu, as you have to click on the 'complete and continue' arrow first.)


Enrolment form

Once you have signed up, you will need to complete an enrolment form.

If you have signed up for multiple courses, or have received FREE online courses (such as health & safety and listening skills) with your course purchase, you only need to complete an enrolment form ONCE for each of these courses, so if you have already submitted one and then start another course, purchased at the same time, you can bypass the enrolment module by clicking on the complete & continue arrow (top right of screen).

If you sign up for another course at a later date, you will need to complete another enrolment form! This is to ensure we have all your current details as well as medical disclaimer.

Once you have completed and submitted the enrolment form, be sure to navigate back to the 'my courses' on the course platform to continue through the modules, as the enrolment form is opened up on a separate platform.