Module 1 - Introduction


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Welcome to the weight loss therapy online course.

This course will teach you techniques to assist your clients with their core issues that are preventing them from losing weight in the past. It uses a combination of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to eliminate emotional issues. EFT, also known as ‘The Tapping Therapy’ works by tapping on meridians to remove blockages and promote the flow of energy running through the body; this can help with both emotional and physical blockages and ailments. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy assesses the way that your client thinks, behaves, perceives, acts and reacts. It then work to unlock and release the potential within the client, to bring about ‘major positive improvements’ and changes by focusing upon issues and offering more balanced and focused ways of looking at, addressing and handling such matters, to assist in weight loss.

Throughout some of the modules, you will come across this image, where it will ask you to complete a task.

This is a good practice task to get your business working in an optimal professional way! You do not need to send it to us, but are there to give you some tips and ways to improve on your working practices.