Aromatherapy for the Body Systems

For all qualified aromatherapists to build on their knowledge and skillset in using essential oils for conditions & pathologies of the 12 body systems

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Aromatherapy for the pathologies & conditions of the body systems

Here i share all my lovingly prepared resources that are now provided to my VTCT Level 3 Diploma Aromatherapy students (from 2021.)

This Masterclass covers conditions & pathologies of each of the 12 body systems.

Each body system module contains:

* A brief PDF overview lesson of the body system & the effects of essential oils on that system

* Some of the pathologies associated with each of the 12 body systems

* A chart of essential oils for some conditions for each of the body systems

* An A-Z of essential oils and their suggested therapeutic properties for each of the body systems

Please note, this is not a qualification but you will receive an accredited certificate of completion on completion. Accredited by IPHM. This is a knowledge based masterclass , to add to your curent aromatherapy knowledge and develop your skills as an aromatherapist.

Here are a few more bits, added in for good measure:

* Safety guidelines

* glossary

* Proportions - How many drops?

* What are notes?

And more . . .

This Masterclass is accredited with IPHM

Karen Ashton, Founder of Holistic Therapies Training, has published her first book ‘The Essential Oils Guide’. Available in Paperback or Kindle edition. Click on the links below to view details or to purchase a book -

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Your Instructor

Karen Ashton (Course Writer)
Karen Ashton (Course Writer)

Karen has more than 19 years experience in the industry, she is the founder of Holistic Therapies Training, which was launched in 2007. Karen is a course writer and author of 'The Essential Oils Guide'. Writing is her passion and she has a wealth of knowledge in beauty, massage and complementary therapies.

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